Denny Andrews Ford Polar Cup

Dec 27 to Dec 29, 2014


No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential.  Tie-Breaking Procedures will use stats AFTER mercy rule is applied.   i.e   If a team wins 6 – 0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of actual score. (Dec 27, 2014 3pm)

The Edmonton Minor Soccer Association is pleased to welcome DENNY ANDREWS FORD as the Polar Cup’s new title sponsor!

The Polar Cup has grown to be recognized as one of the best as well as one of the largest Indoor Youth Soccer Tournaments in the country with over 300 teams from all over Western Canada – including, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NWT, and the Yukon. We look forward to sharing this fun and exciting event with you and your team!

Team Packages
There are no team packages specifically. Instead, EMSA provides complimentary T-Shirts & goodies for all participants. T-shirts can be picked up at the South Soccer Centre at 6520 Roper Road during any of the tournament days.

Non–EMSA League Teams will receive, at no cost, facility passes for 3 team officials. Spectators will have to pay or bring food bank donation.

Please note – there are NO coaches meeting. For questions prior to the tournament coaches can contact the numbers below or during the tournament stop by HQ at the ESC East, West, or South.

**U10 Format - The Polar Cup will be using the EMSA 7v7 boarded indoor format for this tournament**

Tournament Phone Numbers (for coaches and team managers only):
Prior to the tournament contact Antony Bent at (780) 413-3672 Ext 225
During the tournament: (780) 720-1616

Schedules/Rules/Important Info
Will only be available on-line on this website.

Official 2014 Polar Cup Rosters
All teams will be provided with a login to access the member area, so they can type in their roster information. Teams are required to specify guest players. Once the teams create their electronic roster, they will be able to download and print from the system the respective game sheets.

ASA Rosters
All teams, with the exception of EMSA league teams are required to hand their completed ASA team rosters and a copy of their letters of permission from coaches of guest players to the EMSA office by December 15th, 2014. No player may participate without being on the team roster. Players not registered on a team for the Indoor Soccer season cannot be used. Teams can sign up 20 players.

Game Sheets:
Are now available on-line. Please login, download, and print your copies. You will need a copy for each of the games. It is the team’s responsibility to have the game sheet ready before the kickoff. There will be blank game sheet copies available to print in the member area and at any of the soccer centers headquarters.

Time Out and Mercy rule:
Each of the two (2) teams playing is permitted a maximum of one (1)minute in the game, first or second half, as a time out. Mercy rule is in place as well.

Stats – Game Results:
Will be available on-line on this website. Stats will also be available throughout the tournament headquarters at the East, West, and South Soccer Centers.

Edmonton Soccer Facilities admission policies during the 2014 DENNY ANDREWS Polar Cup


Admission fees apply to adults 18 – 64 years of age
If you do not have a season pass: Facility Admission Fees of $4.00 per person are in effect, but . . .

Fees will be waived with a donation for the Edmonton Food Bank