Edmonton Polar Cup

Dec 27 to Dec 29, 2018

Welcome to the EMSA Polar Cup, December 27 - 29, 2018!

What began as a local initiative for teams wishing to play soccer over the Christmas break has grown to be one of the largest indoor soccer tournaments in western Canada.

For three days every December, over 7,000 boys and girls and their parents, caregivers, relatives, coaches and stakeholders descend on the indoor soccer centres in the greater Edmonton region.

The Polar Cup is open to all teams in every age group (U9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19), from all over North America. In addition, the Polar Cup offers a wide variety of options in terms of tiers/player groupings catering to those teams who wish to play competitively, as well as, those who wish to play recreationally.

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of three games.. This year, we are excited to introduce a 7 vs 7 (Tier 1: U9, U11, U13) and 9 vs 9 (Tier 1: U15, U17, U19) non-boarded format. Along with our boarded format, this will ensure maximum excitement and fun for all participants.

This year’s tournament promises to be better than ever and we would love for your team to be a part of that success! We take pride in our reputation for hosting a competitive tournament as well as offering family fun and entertainment.

The value of the tournament is felt beyond the economic impact on the City of Edmonton and its surrounding areas, all the way back to the communities from which the teams come.

The drive to compete, and have the chance to travel, teaches our youth the focus and determination necessary to grow into successful adults. The community building inherent in tournaments, and the loyalty inspired in those that get the chance to compete, cannot be compared.

Headquarters Contacts (for coaches and team managers only):

SOUTH Soccer Centre: 587-334-2949

WEST Soccer Centre: 587-357-3775

SCOTTISH Dome 587-340-3674


Registration opens June 25, 2018 with early bird pricing available until October 29, 2018.

Facility Passes for Non - EMSA Teams/Out of Town Teams

Non–EMSA League Teams will receive facility passes (at no cost) for 3 team officials. Spectators will be responsible to pay the admission fee of $5.00 or bring food bank donation in lieu of for South and West Soccer Facilities only.

Please note – there are NO coaches meetings. Coaches may contact the numbers below prior to the tournament or during the tournament stop by HQ at the ESC East, West, or South.

Schedules/Rules/Important Info
Will only be available online on this website.

Official 2018 Polar Cup Rosters

All teams will be provided with a login to access the member area, to input the roster information. Teams are required to specify guest/trialist players. Once a team has created their electronic roster, they will be able to download and print their game sheets directly from the system.

ASA Rosters

All teams from within Alberta, with the exception of EMSA league teams, are required to submit their completed ASA team rosters and a copy of their letters of permission from coaches of guest/trialist players to the EMSA office by December 11, 2018. No player will be permitted to participate without being on the team roster. Players who are not registered on a team for the Indoor Soccer season cannot be used. Teams can sign up 20 players.

Game Sheets:

Game sheets are available on-line. Please login, download, and print your copies. You will need a copy for each of the games. It is the team’s responsibility to have the game sheet ready before the kickoff. There will be blank game sheets available to print in the member area and at any of the soccer centers headquarters.

Time Out and Mercy rule:

Each of the two (2) teams playing is permitted a maximum of one (1) minute in the game, first or second half, as a time out. Mercy rule is in place as well, meaning that no more than a five (5) goal differential will be recorded for any game.

All games can end in a tie as it is a round robin competition. The “mercy rule” is in effect for this competition. No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential. Tie-breaking procedures will use statistics AFTER the mercy rule was applied, i.e.:if a team wins 6 – 0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of the actual score.

Referees are required to mark actual scores on games sheets. The mercy rule is applied by headquarters prior to recording final score and posting the game results.

Stats – Game Results:

Will be available online on this website. Stats will also be available throughout the tournament headquarters at the East, West, and South Soccer Centers.

Non-Boarded Games at the Scottish Dome

Admission: $5.00 for the tournament pass (Covers all threes day in the Polar Cup) or $3.00 day fee. Seniors and under 16 are free. Coaches/Team Officials: To gain entry please show your coaches cards. Dressing Rooms: Home Teams dressing room numbers 1-4, Away Teams dressing room number 5-8.

Click here for Scottish Information Sheet

Edmonton Soccer Facilities admission policies during the Polar Cup


Admission: fees apply to adults 18 – 59 years of age If you do not have a season pass: Facility Admission Fees of $5.00 per person are in effect, but fees will be waived with a donation for the Edmonton Food Bank