Edmonton Polar Cup

Dec 27 to Dec 29, 2019

POLAR CUP Rules & Regulations

Laws of the Game – Rules for Playing Indoor Arena Soccer

The Polar Cup Tournament rules of play are listed in the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) publication, Laws of the Game – Indoor Arena Soccer. A copy of these rules can be obtained on-line through the Alberta Soccer Association’s website at www.albertasoccer.com (under ASA Documents).

Non-Boarded Rules & Regulations (CLICK HERE)

Section 1. Registration

To Register your Team, please follow Registration Information. (CLICK HERE)

Section 2. Coach Information

1. All communication (phone calls and emails) between teams and tournament staff is to be done through the team officials; coach, assistant coach or manager that are listed on the official team roster.

2. When communicating through emails, always state your team name, gender and age group, this will save time for tournament staff when replying.

3. Coaches and managers are responsible to communicate important tournament information to their team’s players and parents; we ask that players and parents do not contact the tournament staff directly.

4. Coaches and managers are responsible to know, understand and follow all tournament rules, especially the rules for guest players/trialists. Any team found to have played an ineligible player(s) will default the game.

5. Team officials are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and spectators at all times during the tournament. Any team showing unsportsmanlike behavior will be disciplined and unruly spectators may be asked to leave the facility. Any verbal abuse to referees, staff and volunteers by any team may result in immediate expulsion from the tournament.

6. Scores and team stats will be posted on the Polar Cup Website.

7. In the event that both teams are wearing like colors, the home team will be required to change jerseys or wear pinnies as determined by the referee.

8. All teams are required to provide their own first aid kit along with ice packs in case of injury, some soccer centers do not have ice on hand.

9. Team Officials have to present their Association ID Card or governament issued photo ID Cards to the referees prior to each games, and upon the request of the referee be able to provide Proof of age for their players.

10. The Tournament Roster must be complete by December 16, 2019.

11. If you are a coach of a team outside of the EMSA League you are required to upload a pdf or jpeg copy of your Official Signed District/Provincial Team Roster in the online team profile, on the Polar Cup website, prior to December 16, 2019. Your Team will not be eligible to play if this is not done.

12. Schedules for the tournament will be available on the website December 13, 2019. Once the schedules are posted, they are final and changes can only be made if there is an error.

13. Once the schedules are posted you will be able to print your game sheets, you will only need 1 game sheet per game and you will give the game sheet to the referee at the start of each game. When the game is complete the Field Marshall will collect the game sheets from the referee. Results will be posted immediately on the website once they have been confirmed by tournament staff.

NOTE: If the team has guest players, the Coaches are required to submit and print the trialist form or letters of permission for any guest players (max. 3 guest players allowed) for every game played. The forms will need to accompany the game sheet when handed to the referee at the start of each game that the guest player participates in. Photocopies of the completed forms are acceptable.(All info regarding TRIALIST FOR are https://www.polarcup.ca/guest-playerstrialist-rules/ )

14. This tournament doesn’t have Coach or Team Packages, all info is posted on the Polar Cup website.

15. Each location will have a designated tournament headquarters during the tournament. Any questions or concerns can be addressed at your headquarters location, and this is to be done by team officials only.

NOTE for the Coaches of out of town/ NON EMSA TEAMS: Non–EMSA League Teams will receive 3 admission passes (at no cost for 3 Team Officials) for the Edmonton Soccer Facilities and for Edmonton Scottish Dome. These can be picked up at the Headquarters of the Location you play at for your first game. Spectators will be responsible to pay the admission fee. Please see the admission fees for all Location on the Polar Cup home page https://www.polarcup.ca/ (scroll down at the end of the page).

Section 3. Team’s OFFICIAL District/Provincial Roster

1. EMSA teams currently competing in the EMSA League are not required to submit an ASA roster as these rosters are already stored on EMSA’s League Management System.

2. All teams outside of EMSA League are required to upload a pdf or jpeg copy of their Official Signed District/Provincial Team Roster in their online team profile, on the Polar Cup website, prior to December 16, 2019. Your Team will not be eligible to play if this is not done.

3. No changes to the Official Team Roster can be made after December 16, 2019 for all teams registered for the Polar Cup.

4. No player may participate without being on the team roster. Players not registered on a team for the Indoor Soccer season cannot be used.

5. Players cannot be registered on more than one team roster.

6. EMSA Main will recognize any EMSA teams with existing special dispensation to carry more players than regularly permitted. Any non-EMSA teams will need to submit a letter of approval along with their official team roster from their soccer organization to carry more players than regularly permitted.

Section 4. Tournament Roster

1. A separate Tournament Roster will need to be created by the Team Officials by adding all players (full name and jersey numbers) into the Polar Cup website (under Team’s Member Area).

2. Team Officials will needs to type in all player’s name, jersey numbers individually into the system. They must also ensure Guest players/trialist names are clearly identified.

3. Completing this step will also auto populate your game sheets with the info.

4. Teams are permitted to carry a maximum of 20 players on their rosters for this competition.

5. Tournament Roster must be completely prior to December 16, 2019.

Section 5. Guest players/Trialist Rules


1. Teams are permitted to use up to three (3) guest players (same tier and age group they are competing in or lower). Teams will follow any additional local rules & regulations pertaining to the utilization of trialist players.

2. Guest players must be from an Official Signed Provincial Roster registered for the current indoor season and will need to be identified on the team’s tournament roster/game sheets.

3. Guest forms must include name/age/tier of the team the player is currently registered on as well as a legible printed name, signature and phone number from their current coach. The guest player form must be completed for each guest player(s) and be signed by the guest player’s current coach as well as a team official from the tentative tournament team.

4. Coaches are required to submit and print the trialist form or letters of permission for any guest players (max. 3 guest players allowed) for every game played. The forms will need to accompany all game sheets when handed to the referee at the start of each game that the guest player participates in. Photocopies of the completed forms are acceptable.

5. No player will be allowed to play on more than one team for the tournament.

6. Any team found to have played an ineligible guest player/trialist will forfeit the game.

7. If Guest players are listed on the game sheet and they do not participate in the game, their name must be crossed off.

Section 6. Game Sheets and Player/Coach/Manager Cards

1. Game sheets will be available, on the Polar Cup website, under Team’s Member Area click the bottom that says (download game sheets). The system will automatically enter all players, Team Officials information on it.

2. Please ensure you have entered your player list into the system before you print off your game sheets.

3. Any player listed on the game sheet, but is not participating in that particular game will need to be crossed off the game sheet. The game sheet is to correctly represent the players that will participate in the game as indicated on the game sheet, this includes all guest players.

4. Each team will need to print off their own game sheets for the Polar Cup. Game sheets are to be handed to the referee prior to the start of each Tournament game along with any trialist forms.

5. Ensure all players (including all guest players, labeled as “guest”) are listed on the game sheet. Any player not listed on the game sheet prior to kick off will not be eligible to play.

6. Make sure that the jersey number for each player is correct on the game sheet and corresponds with the jersey number the players are wearing during the game.

7. Field Marshals will collect the game sheets from the referees following the end of the game. If a field marshal is not present to collect the game sheets, the winning team, or in the case of a tie, the home team, brings the game sheets back to the Polar Cup Headquarters at your current location.

8. Players are not required to have player’s cards for the competition. However, players are required to carry proof of their birthdate with them at all times.

9. Team Officials have to present their Soccer Association ID Card or Governament issued photo ID Cards to the referees prior to each games, and upon the request of the referee be able to provide Proof of age for their players.

Section 7. Games:

1. Format of Games:

1. All games shall consist of two 25 minutes halves.

2. Each team is guaranteed a two minute break at half time.

3. Warm-up time is usually two to three minutes on the field prior to kickoff (usually determined by the game officials prior to the start of the game – time permitting).

4. Each team is permitted a one-minute time out during stoppage at any point during the game. During that time out the clock is stopped.

5. Tournament organizers reserve the right to shorten game times as necessary during the tournament.

6. All round robin games can end in a tie, only games that need a result will go to penalty kicks to decide a winner.

7. Each team will play a minimum of three (3) games and Gold & Silver medals will be presented after the last games in the group are played.

8. The Mercy Rule will be in place for the tournament. No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential. Tie-Breaking procedures will use stats AFTER the mercy rule is applied. For example if a team wins 6-0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of actual score

9. All referees are ASA certified or equivalent and are assigned by the tournament referee assignor. Their decisions on their interpretations of the Laws of the Game are final

10. Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions.

2. Poll Format:

1. Teams will be grouped into Pools for the tournament (Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, etc.)

2. Depending on the number of teams in each group, the Pool Format will be determined as follows:

- Four Team Round Robin – each team plays three matches (playing each team in the group). Medals are determined from standings after all games have been played. Gold & Silver medals will be awarded to the top two teams in the group.

- Six Team Crossover -

3. All round robin games can end in a tie, if teams are tied in points after the round robin please see the tie-breaking rules to determine placement

4. All Final games need a result, if the games are tied after regulation time then they go straight to penalty kicks to determine a winner. There is no overtime in the tournament.

3. Point:

1. WIN: 3 points

2. TIE: 1 point

3. LOSS: 0 point.

4. Tie Breaking Procedures:

1. 2 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:

· Head to Head

· Goal Differential

· Least Goals Against

· PK’s

2. 3 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:

· Goal Differential

· Least Goals Against

· PK’s

5. Game Balls:

· U9-U11 Size 4

· U13-U19 Size 5

6. Forfeiting Games:

1. If a team forfeits a scheduled game the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 win as well as 3 points.

2. Should both teams forfeit a scheduled game the final score will be recorded as N/S (no show) and no points will be awarded.

7. On –Field Emergency:

1. Referees should ask Facility Management to call Emergency services and a Team Official should attend to the injured player until emergency responders arrives on site.

Section 8. Rules of Play/Discipline/Protests:

1. Rules of Play

The tournament follows FIFA Laws of the Game and the current EMSA/ASA rules. All players, coaching staff, assisting personnel and team supporters are expected to obey the laws of the game and respect all tournament officials and referees.

2. Suspended Players & Team Officials

Players and team officials who are currently serving a suspension from their regular league games must email the Tournament Coordinator by no later than December 1,2019 to request special permission to participate in the Polar Cup. If an email is not received by the deadline the person is not permitted to participate in any games. Permission will not be granted after the deadline has passed. The email must list the suspended person’s name, association they are currently registered with, team they are playing for in Polar Cup, age group, gender, division, total length of suspension and reason for suspension. The Tournament Coordinator may request further information on the suspension from the Association that the team is registered in. The EMSA Discipline Director will be consulted regarding the request and a decision will be emailed back to the team prior to the tournament. Suspended persons only have permission to participate upon receiving an approval email from the Polar Cup Tournament Coordinator.

3. Discipline

Red cards will result in an automatic minimum one (1) game suspension. Team Officials are responsible for ensuring their player does not play in the next game. The Discipline/Tournament Chairperson will only notify the team if more than a one game suspension is merited. Two yellow cards in a single game will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension to be served the following game. The onus is on the team’s coaches to ensure that suspensions are served.

Section 9. Rules for Penalty Kicks

Should the score be tied following the conclusion of regulation time (2X25 minute halves) and a clear winner of the match needs to be declared (as is the case with the Gold and Silver medal matches), the following penalty kick procedure will come into effect.

Before the start of kicks from the penalty mark, teams shall be required to equalize the number of players on each team e.g. if one team has 15 players and the other team has 20 players, the team with 20 players must reduce their team size by 5 players. These 5 players will be outside the technical area during the duration of the penalty kicks.

The penalty shots involve five players from each team participating as the “shooters”. They can be any player (even the goaltender) who is dressed for the game and / or who is on the game sheet (i.e. back-up keepers who are designated as player 18 on the game sheet). The first shooter is determined via the flip of a coin. As per regular penalty kick procedures, the referee places the ball on the penalty spot located just inside the goalkeeper’s box. On the referee’s signal (a blow of the whistle) the designated shooter takes their shot. Each of the teams will alternate kicks until all five players from both teams have had their one chance or until a winner is declared. If a tie remains after this time, players who have not had the opportunity to shoot will take individual turns during a sudden death round of penalty kicks. If all the players have had a turn and a tie remains, the turns begin anew. Any offences which occur during the penalty shoot-out procedure will be dealt with by the game officials as per the Laws of the Game.

Players who are not shooting are asked to remain with their respective teams on the bench. The game official must ask if the player and the keeper are ready to begin before the whistle is blown. The goaltender used for the penalty kick must be the same person who was on the field in goal at the completion of regulation time with the only exception being that the referees have determined that an injury prevents the keeper from fulfilling his/her obligation in the penalty kick. At this point, the team may select an alternate from any player dressed for the game.

Section 10. Awards Presentations

Only Gold and Silver medals shall be awarded to each of the age / tier categories. Awards will be presented on the main concourse of your respective soccer centre following the completion of the final scheduled game. There are no bronze medals for this tournament.


This tournament is for the enjoyment of our youth. Coaches are asked to keep in mind the importance of proper conduct on behalf of themselves, their players, their fellow coaches, their parents and all their spectators. Remember that without the opposing team, there would be no competition. Furthermore, although competition is healthy, we must remind ourselves of the fine line between competition and unsportsmanlike behavior. Let us remember the importance of both the time of year as well as the season that are upon us. Thanks for joining us this year!