Edmonton Polar Cup

Dec 27 to Dec 29, 2018

Tournament Rules

Player Eligibility & Trialists

Suspended players and team officials are not permitted on or about the field of play nor can they attend other functions representing their team during the championships.

Teams are permitted to use up to three (3) guest players (same tier they are competing in or lower). Teams will follow any additional local rules & regulations pertaining to the utilization of trialist players.

All teams are required to complete this roster and submit a signed copy to the EMSA office prior to December 7, 2018.

Rosters should be faxed to (780) 490-1652 or emailed to Lisa at lisar@emsamain.com.

An official provincial roster form (i.e. ASA form) along with letters of permission (guest player form) for any guest players (max. 3 guest players allowed) must also accompany this Polar Cup roster. EMSA teams currently competing in the EMSA League are not required to submit an ASA roster as these rosters are already stored on EMSA’s League Management System.

Guest letters must include name/age/tier of the team the player is from as well as a legible printed name, signature and phone number from the coach. Guest players must be from an ASA registered indoor team.

Local players cannot play for more than one team in the Polar Cup.

Teams are permitted to carry a maximum of 20 players on their rosters for this competition, based on ASA roster size allowance.

PLEASE NOTE: Absolutely NO player registrations will be approved at the tournament HQ – please ensure you have enough team players prior to entering this competition.

Registration of Players

All teams, with the exception of EMSA league teams are required to hand their completed team rosters and a copy of their letters of permission from coaches of guest players to the EMSA office by December 7, 2018. No changes to the team roster can be made once the first game of the tournament is played. No player may participate without being on the team roster. Players not registered on a team for the Indoor Soccer season cannot be used. Teams can sign up 20 players.

**Players may only play for one team during the Polar Cup**

Non-EMSA League teams (EIYSA, Sherwood Park, etc) are required to submit a signed copy of their ASA Team Registration Form and must be able to provide it to Tournament Headquarters (HQ) upon request.

Please Note: As field time for non boarded is limited, the Polar Cup committee will decide which teams will play 7 vs 7 and 9 vs 9 boardless tournament. Teams that do not make it into the boardless tournament will have an option of playing the boarded game. If the team does not wish to play boarded they will receive a refund.

Game Sheets and Player/Coach/Manager Cards

Each team will need to print off their own game sheets for the Polar Cup. Game sheets will be available on the Polar Cup schedules by clicking the icon next to the game that is being played. The system will automatically enter the game information and you will just have to write the player’s/team officials information in. Player names must be printed clearly and legibly on the game sheets.

Please wait until all team names have been entered on the website schedules before you print off your game sheets.

Players are not required to have player’s cards for the competition. Game sheets are to be turned into the game officials prior to kickoff.

Tournament officials will collect the game sheets from the referees following the game. If a field marshal is not present to collect the game sheets, the winning team, or in the case of a tie, the home team, brings the game sheets back to Polar Headquarters at your current location.


All teams will receive 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a tie and 3 points for a win.

Mercy Rule

All games can end in a tie as it is a round robin competition. The “mercy rule” is in effect for this competition. No team will be given more than a 5 goal win differential. Tie-breaking procedures will use statistics AFTER the mercy rule was applied, i.e.:if a team wins 6 – 0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of the actual score.

Referees are required to mark actual scores on games sheets. The mercy rule is applied by headquarters prior to recording final score and posting the game results.

Length of Games

All games shall consist of two twenty five minute halves. Each team is guaranteed a two minute break at half time. Warm-up time is usually two to three minutes on the field prior to kickoff (usually determined by the game officials prior to the start of the game – time permitting). Each team is permitted a one-minute time out during stoppage at any point during the game. During that time out the clock is stopped.


Statistics for each team will be kept on the stats boards in the lobbies of the three Edmonton Soccer Centres. Statistics will also be posted on the EMSA website at www.polarcup.ca


Red cards will result in an automatic minimum one (1) game suspension. The Discipline/Tournament Chairperson will only notify the team if more than a one game suspension is merited. Two yellow cards in a single game will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension to be served the following game. The onus is on the team’s coaches to ensure that suspensions are indeed served.

Protests of Game Results

Protests of game results will be reviewed provided that they have been submitted to the tournament headquarters in writing with a cheque made payable to the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association in the amount of $100.00. Protests must be received at the tournament headquarters within one hour of the completion of the game being protested. Protests made in regards to the Laws of the Game as well as decisions made by game officials will not be accepted.


As per EMSA rule (416) - Each team designate two individuals (Coach, Assistant and / or Team Manager) responsible for team correspondence (schedules, registration, discipline and complaints).

ALL correspondence must go through only the two assigned liaisons. Any complaints / messages filed by other parties will be ignored should they not go through the proper channels; otherwise, they will be redirected accordingly and until such time will not be duly addressed

Awards Presentations

Gold and Silver medals shall be awarded to each of the age / tier categories. Awards will be presented on the main concourse of your respective soccer centre following the completion of the final scheduled game.

Tie Breaking Procedures

2 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:

· Head to Head

· Goal Differential

· Least Goals Against

· Free Kicks

3 Way Tie Breaking Procedures:

· Goal Differential

· Least Goals Against

· Free Kicks

Field Locations

Edmonton Soccer Centre West: 17415 – 106 A Avenue

Edmonton Soccer Centre South: 6520 Roper Road

Tri-Leisure Centre: 221 Campsite Road in Spruce Grove

Victoria Soccer Centre: 14020 - 142 Street

Edmonton Scottish Society Soccer Dome: 3105 - 101 Street

Laws of the Game – Rules for Playing Indoor Arena Soccer

The Polar Cup Tournament rules of play are listed in the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) publication, Laws of the Game – Indoor Arena Soccer. A copy of these rules can be obtained on-line through the Alberta Soccer Association’s website at www.albertasoccer.com (under ASA Documents).


Should the score be tied following the conclusion of regulation time (2X25 minute halves) and a clear winner of the match needs to be declared (as is the case with the Gold and Bronze medal matches), the following penalty shoot-out procedure will come into effect. During round robin play, ties are acceptable and the aforementioned tie-breaking procedures outlined on teams’ schedules will not be implemented.

The penalty shots involve five players from each team participating as the “shooters”. They can be any player (even the goaltender) who is dressed for the game and / or who is on the game sheet (i.e. back-up keepers who are designated as player 18 on the game sheet). The first shooter is determined via the flip of a coin. As per regular penalty shoot-out procedures, the referee places the ball on the penalty spot located just inside the goalkeeper’s box. On the referee’s signal (a blow of the whistle) the designated shooter takes their shot. Each of the teams will alternate kicks until all five players from both teams have had their one chance or until a winner is declared. If a tie remains after this time, players who have not had the opportunity to shoot will take individual turns during a sudden death round of penalty kicks. If all the players have had a turn and a tie remains, the turns begin anew. Any offences which occur during the penalty shoot-out procedure will be dealt with by the game officials as per the Laws of the Game.

Players who are not shooting are asked to remain with their respective teams on the bench. The game official must ask if the player and the keeper are ready to begin before the whistle is blown. The goaltender used for the penalty shoot-out must be the same person who was on the field in goal at the completion of regulation time with the only exception being that the referees have determined that an injury prevents the keeper from fulfilling his/her obligation in the penalty shoot-out. At this point, the team may select an alternate from any player dressed for the game.


This tournament is for the enjoyment of our youth. Coaches are asked to keep in mind the importance of proper conduct on behalf of themselves, their players, their fellow coaches, their parents and all their spectators. Remember that without the opposing team, there would be no competition. Furthermore, although competition is healthy, we must remind ourselves of the fine line between competition and unsportsmanlike behavior. Let us remember the importance of both the time of year as well as the season that are upon us. Thanks for joining us this year!

Further information to follow shortly